Tuesday, 6 January 2009

SlackBelly's (second) tip of the year

As the national newspapers begin their traditional share-tipping competition to see which of them can relieve their readers of the most money, I present my second offering of 2009: sell your shares in Standard Life.
Predictably this tip has no scientific grounding and, indeed, is not really my own. Instead, it is based on word from the Palace, following the knighthood bestowed on "Handy" Sandy Crombie, the Standard Life boss whose biddable behaviour during the credit crisis is seen by some to have clinched him his gong.
Her Maj, you see, has a distinctly patchy record as a stock picker. As soon as Sir Stuart Rose was invited to bow before her, his Marks & Spencer recovery fell to its knees. Shares in WPP have never quite been the same since boss Sir Martin Sorrell was honoured at the peak of the market in 2000; while the less we dwell on Sir Fred Goodwin and Royal Bank of Scotland the better.
So will "Handy" Sandy also suffer from Brenda's curse?

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