Thursday, 29 January 2009

Ivana and Marla get trumped

More on Donald Trump's attempts to bed Mrs John Travolta, Kelly Preston.
As the property tycoon's touching tribute to Preston's dead son, Jett, explains: "A long time ago, before I was married, I met Kelly Preston at a club and worked like hell to try and pick her up."
For some reason Preston preferred the affections of her husband, causing the Donald to gush: "Being true to someone is very close to being true to yourself. That’s a valuable attribute in today’s world."
Trump should know. His first marriage to Ivana ended in 1991, after rumors began to circulate that he was having an affair with a former beauty queen from Georgia, Marla Maples. While the Trump family was on holiday in Aspen, Ivana confronted Maples on the ski slopes, Ivana and Donald divorced and Maples went on to become the second Mrs Trump.
That marriage didn't last either, and DT is now on his third wife, Melania.

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