Tuesday, 27 January 2009

FT's Thal Larsen saved from suffocation

Emergency surgery is underway at the FT, where doctors are battling to remove heads from backsides before suffocation ensues.
Today's FT Guide to Davos has seven of the paper's top bods talking amongst themselves over six pages about what might happen at Davos. With pictures.
There are three alone of banking editor Peter Thal Larsen -- looking thoughtful, pensive and thoughtfully pensive as necessary.
A flavour of the discussion?
"You make a very good point. We shall have to see how that one plays out. The economic picture will be dark. Returning to your question...."
Nurse! The screens!

Update: this FT Davos section is sponsored by Vestas. That's wind power. Ba-da-boom....tsch.

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