Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Moore's the pity

Also spotted at the Treasury Select Committee this morning was lefty comedian, Mark Thomas.
Thomas was there to hear how HBOS's former head of risk, Paul Moore, had submitted written evidence revealing how he'd informed the Board of concerns about their approach to banking, only to be "summarily dismissed".
Moore was whacked by former HBOS chief, Sir James Crosby, who (coincidentally) has something in common with Thomas.
In November, both Sir James and Thomas simultaneously received nominal mortar boards from Bradford University - a story which the Bradford Telegraph & Argus reported under the headline Comedian to get honorary degree.
That heading was a reference to Thomas. Possibly.

Sideline: is Thomas planning a television series on the financial crisis?

Update: For a hard copy of SlackBelly's stories (only published a day later) please buy a copy of The Times and read their City Diary.

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Donna said...

I like comedy. life is a comedy.