Tuesday, 10 February 2009

It's the taking part that counts

No unemployment worries at London 2012, where the jobs gravy train continues to trundle along uninterrupted by any concerns over Government borrowing or a major recession.
The Organising Committee is currently advertising for a Technical Architect, a Trailblazer’s Volunteer Coordinator, a Uniform Manager, a Senior Client Services Manager, a Polyclinic and Medical Services Coordinator, a Head of Spectator Services, an Olympic Park Venue Group Lead, a Venues Project Manager, a Delivery Integration Manager, a Group Manager (Client Services), a Venue Results Manager, a Fleet Services Manager, a Security Team Administration Assistant, a Security Risk Assessor, a Resourcing Project Manager, a Commercial Manager, a Director of Games Services, a Producer of Sport Presentation and a Director of Games Operations.
Any change from our £10bn? A paltry £700m (and falling) at the last count.

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