Saturday, 29 November 2008

Is there a(nother) doctor in the house?

I am delighted to hear that the stars of the UK credit crisis still refuse to be hampered by their roles in the collapses of their respective banks.
First, Sir Derek Wanless, erstwhile chairman of Northern Rock's Audit and Risk committees, accepted an honorary degree from Coventry University (Lanchester Poly as was). And now I learn that former HBOS chief, Sir James Crosby - the visionary credited with switching the bank's focus from risk management to growth, as well as the man who hand-picked his own successor, Andy Hornby - is to collect another of these pointless (and vain) gongs.
Sir James will be made an honorary doctor of Bradford University for his "contribution to financial services and, in particular, in recognition of his achievements as chief executive of Halifax, then HBOS, and currently his board membership of the FSA," the Bradford Telegraph & Argus reports.
The paper's story appears under the headline Comedian to get honorary degree - a reference to a simultaneous award to funnyman, Mark Thomas. Probably.

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Cracking tale, Slacky.