Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Does Alan Parker also want his life back?

As BP's share price slumps day by the day, and chief exec Tony Hayward feels unable to resist gaffes about wanting "his life back", how is the oil group's hired PR help bearing up to the inconvenience of this unscheduled trip to America?
I hear that Alan Parker, the supremo of City spinners Brunswick, is holding Hayward's hand out in the US having done a deal at the start of the crisis whereby he'd mind Hayward, while senior partner Nick Claydon was apparently tasked with looking after BP chairman, the invisible Carl-Henric Svanberg.
The best laid plans, and all that. That arrangement was cooked up when it was believed that Svanberg would be going to the US, with Hayward staying in the UK.
For some reason, Svanberg has not travelled, meaning Parker has had to.


Questioner said...

There is another aspect to this story: where did BP's Head of PR work previously?

Slack said...

So many places! None of them successful...