Tuesday, 13 October 2009

O'Leary's panoramic view pays dividends

Is the hilarious spat between the BBC's Panorama and Ryanair - over the "hatchet job" engineered by the state broadcaster - a case of the O'Leary doth (deliberately) protest too much?
The cheapo airline has published the interminable correspondence between the warring pair but, as it all makes inconclusive reading, it only serves to fuel the theory that chief exec Michael O'Leary is enjoying keeping this row simmering.
It's a tactic that's paid off before for the Gigginstown Gab - memorably in 2002 when (rather than settling) Ryanair allowed its millionth passenger, Jane O’Keeffe, to take the airline to court for reneging on its offer to gift her free flights for life. That episode ended with the judge finding O'Leary had been “hostile and aggressive” to O’Keeffe, as she trousered €67,500 in compensation.
Bad news for O'Leary? Not a bit of it. “For three days we got the worst publicity any company has ever had in its life,” O'Leary recalled. “Our bookings soared by 30% day by day by day. The more we were in court the bigger the bookings were.”

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