Thursday, 29 October 2009

Executive affairs going on as Standard

The Evening Standard's City Spy column seems to have a fetish for publishing rumours about the extra-martial affairs of top execs - only the paper's too coy to name names.
The column kicked off its series last week with a story that subsequently turned out to be a reference to insurance boss Andrew Moss and the incestuous goings on at Aviva (who'd have thought it, at a company with strong links to Norwich?)
The paper then followed that up with another tale of some high flying exec banging a former employee - and today has three stories (count 'em!) in the "wicked whisper" format on more corporate canoodling.
This is looking like a trend, and I'm going to experiment with this format myself. So, here goes: which top FTSE-100 chief exec isn't shagging his PA?

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