Thursday, 4 December 2008

Spitzer: put this one on the Slate

Eliot Spitzer is back. The former Governor of New York, who resigned in March after some unfortunate business with a pricey prostitution ring, has a new gig.
He is to write a fortnightly column for online magazine Slate which will deal with the fascinating topics of government, regulation and finance - rather than offering readers tips on how to book a room by the hour at the Mayflower Hotel.
Spitzer's move into journalism is a remarkable turnaround for a figure who, only eight months ago, was savaged by the media, when unkind pieces included: "Eliot Spitzer's Escort Service", "Spitzer gets Spitzered" and "How to Prosecute Eliot Spitzer". All of which were published by, er, Slate.

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