Friday, 12 December 2008

Making a Horlicks of real thriller

You can’t keep a good man down – or, even, Mr Nicola Horlick (aka Martin Baker, the "author").
Despite his financial thriller Meltdown being less than thrilling, the former journalist is convinced he can do for capital markets what John Grisham did for law.
Not only has he tossed off a sequel (edited by his wife), but he has also been touting his original masterpiece around Hollywood. He hopes that shooting will begin next summer, but the holy grail of production appears somewhat elusive as Le Horlick is now on a fourth version of his script.
Undeterred, he has already begun compiling Meltdown's dream cast list: John Malkovich for the baddie, James McAvoy for the hero and Michelle Pfeiffer for the beautiful broad who digs women.
I do hope they’re all available, especially as wife Nicola now looks in need of a pick-me-up after falling for an alleged Ponzi scam. Now that really was a ripping yarn.

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