Monday, 8 December 2008

History written by the losers

Andy Hedley Hornby, the boss of failed bank HBOS, is so famous that he has an entry on Wikipedia. That's the free online encyclopedia that is written by volunteers and is the starting (only?) point of reference for many an internet researcher. So, predictably, the authors of the Hornby page have been pretty busy lately keeping everything up to date.
Among the numerous changes recently deemed necessary to the former Asda exec's tale include the axing of a reference to Hornby considering a return to "greengrocering"; the addition of the words "agreed to" in a description of HBOS being taken over by Lloyds TSB; and the introduction of another line about Hornby staying on as "a consultant to the Lloyds Banking Group for a fee of £60,000 per month" as soon as the takeover is completed.
All of these changes have been made from IP addresses emanating from one company. Its name? HBOS.

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