Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Who guards the Graun?

More trouble at Guardian Media Group, the left-leaning publisher that seems intent on putting itself (as well as its readers) to sleep.
In the latest missive to staff Brian Williams, the "joint" father of the chapel, dispatches a barely veiled attack on Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger and the rest of the group's management.
He asks: "What exactly does this place stand for these days? Our readers – be it in print or online – look to us because they think we represent an inclusive, fair and transparent option in an increasingly corporate world. For that to be more than a mere facade those adjectives need to apply to the way we operate as well as what we publish. Yes, the NUJ wants job security, decent pay, reasonable terms and conditions and the opportunity to have our voice heard. But we now have a demand that supersedes all others – accountability of those taking the decisions that vitally affect all
our futures."

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