Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Media rant

Journalist's job email Gorkana reports that: "The Guardian’s Digital Researcher Kevin Anderson has taken voluntary redundancy and is due to leave The Guardian on 31 March."
Slack wishes him all the best, but the description of his career that follows is telling. Kevin, we read, "was part of the team responsible for the guardian.co.uk network of blogs". Before he was at the paper, he worked for the Beeb, "where he developed a blogging strategy for BBC News".
The thing about the internet is that it's supposed to be inexpensive (this website for example, is proudly cheap in all ways). As soon as you've got teams of people overseeing networks or individuals "developing strategies", it becomes costly and giving away your content for free is then foolish and unsustainable.
What the Guardian seems to be doing is creating layers of bureaucracy to manage its web offering in ways that ape the structure of the newspaper (i.e., very heavy on marzipan management).
You only need look at the group's balance sheet to see that this is total madness. When is someone going to do a proper job on Alan Rusbridger and what a mess he has made of that organisation?

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