Wednesday, 24 February 2010

U-turn at One Alfred Place

It seems that there's been a rethink at One Alfred Place, the private members' club that has been axing its members.
This purge has caused quite a fuss, particularly when I discovered that my old friend Steve Tappin - the headhunter-cum-executive coach - was on the hit list.
Now Sharon Brittan, OAP's new chief exec, emails to say it has all been a terrible misunderstanding: "Steve is a highly valued member of One Alfred Place. He signed up to the club when access to it was not restricted. We have since imposed a time restriction of 100 days' annual usage on all new club memberships and on those renewing their membership. We were delighted to offer Steve to renew his membership on these new standard terms and did so in early February before any of the recent press comment on it. We understand Steve is currently considering whether to renew. We apologise for any misunderstanding caused by recent press reports."
Who'd have thought it?

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