Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Schillings makes reputation Paramount

Schillings, the libel law firm, has been somewhat off its game of late, what with a string of defeats including the humiliation of seeking that super injunction on behalf of former England football captain, John Terry.
Not that they've been humbled too much, of course. Without a hint of irony, those plucky lawyers will be hosting their "annual forum for protecting reputation in sport" which will take place on March 24 at the Paramount, the struggling private members' club at the top of Centre Point.
"Correctly balancing the needs of the corporate sponsor, with those of the sporting team and the players and personalities involved, can provide a winning formula," the flannel for last year's event informs. "However, in reality the balance is hard to achieve - and even harder to maintain - in an increasingly celebrity obsessed society."
I believe there are still vacancies for the event. Hurry, hurry!

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