Thursday, 18 February 2010

A bunch of Twitterers

My One Alfred Place stories (see here and here) in the Independent on Sunday seem to be causing a bit of a fuss within the Twitterati.

Many seem to assume that the quotes from chief exec Sharon Brittan are all part of some grand spinning strategy the club had cooked up, so they wonder why OAP would chose to run its PR in such an incendiary manner. The answer is obvious, Twitterers: it didn't!
Here's what happened: dear old SlackBelly found out about the One Alfred changes from a source and rang up the club for a response. They gave me Brittan's telephone number, I called her unannounced, asked her what was going on, wrote down her responses and then put them in the newspaper. Simples.
There was once a word which described this process, although sadly I fear it to be a forgotten art. It used to be called journalism.

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