Thursday, 26 November 2009

Bolton wanders east

Superstar fund manager, Anthony Bolton, is back.
The former Fidelity stock picker is setting up a China-focused fund and will relocate from London to Hong Kong.
Bolton stepped down as manager of Fidelity's Special Situations Fund at the end of 2007 – having run it brilliantly since 1979 – and it was subsequently split in two.
Sanjeev Shah took on the UK Special Situations Fund (which has performed very well), while Jorma Korhonen looks after international holdings in Global Special Situations Fund – which is down since inception (although up nicely this year). So, might the return of Bolton, and the launch of another international fund, put a bit of extra pressure on his former prodigy, Korhonen?
If it does, he has Mrs Bolton to thank. The veteran fund manager mentioned to his missus that he missed running money and fancied creating an Asia fund. She replied: "Why don't you, then?"

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