Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A story of one half?

Spinners for Uzbek billionaire Alisher Usmanov have been working overtime casting their former con client as a genuine Arsenal fan, who is simply trying to use his hard-earned resources to return the club to greatness.
Today's Telegraph - fresh from reporting genuine scoops at the front of the book - dedicates the front of its sports section to a story about Usmanov offering to pay off a chunk of the Plus Markets-listed company's £318m of debt. Strangely, the paper omitted to ask what Alisher might want in return for this magnanimous gesture - information that might possibly interest the club's shareholders (if not the more credulous fans).
Only getting half the story from the Uzbek's bench is no surprise for regular spectators of this fixture - especially ones who subscribe to the postings of our former man in Tashkent, Craig Murray.
But, a question remains: with Stan Kroenke edging further in front as Arsenal's largest shareholder, what are Usmanov's acolytes attempting to achieve by planting this story now?

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