Thursday, 28 May 2009

George moves Beyond Petroleum

More job news. George Trefgarne, the former speech writer to former BP boss Lord Browne, has left the oil giant.
Lord knows what he's up to next, but the move feels a touch rushed as I sense Treffers never quite fulfilled his potential at BP - at least in comedy terms.
Browne's monologues rarely contained the incendiary gags for which his speech writer was infamous (if you exclude that appearance in front of the Judge, of course), and City historians will surely conclude the Peer's straight delivery was an opportunity missed.
Trefgarne, of course, once infuriated a well known sports chain by implying the retailer only sold its wares to drug dealers, while, during a debate over the future of Gibraltar, he suggested England keep the Rock and give the Spanish Scotland instead. Unlike the rest of us, SNP leader Alex Salmond was not amused.

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