Thursday, 4 November 2010

Our survey said...

In a mistake of colossal proportions, SlackBelly has been named as the sixth most influential UK finance blog. Let's just go over that statement again, because it might surprise an intelligent reader. Yes, old Slacky is the sixth most influential UK finance blog - and that's according to media monitoring company, Cision (who must have inserted this site following a long lunch).
Anyway, trailing little old me in this highly important survey is Stockopedia, Labour and Capital, Frisby’s Bulls And Bears and Bond Vigilantes.
What have they done to deserve such an insult?

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Sabina said...

Dear SlackBelly,

Thank you for your comments which we have now fully investigated – please consider the below:

Cision’s Social Media rankings are a result of extensive research on the UK blogosphere where we apply our methodology strictly and consistently e.g. the blog needs to be UK-based, editorially independent and needs to have Finance as a primary topic amongst others. A description of our methodology can be found here

We produced a Top 25 UK Corporate Finance Ranking and SlackBelly was shortlisted after analysing a significant number of blogs based on metrics such as inbound links, post frequency, blog archive, which additional online platforms the respective blogger uses such as Twitter and Facebook pages or groups as well interaction or engagement levels. SlackBelly was placed on the sixth spot mainly driven by its relative high number of inbound links.

However, in this instance we have experienced problems with Yahoo Site Explorer, the source of our inlinks. Yahoo included blog roll links for each page in its index, leading us to inflate of the number of inbound links to the Slackbelly domain. This is a mistake on our behalf, one we are working to rectify ASAP. Thank you very much indeed for flagging this.

If you have any questions please contact me or @SabinaRosander.

Kind Regards,

Sabina Rosander