Monday, 11 October 2010

Meltdown the sequel

Amusing to see that failed fund manager Nicola Horlick is setting up a film script development fund.
Surprising, the publicity does not mention that she has some experience in this area, having been an "executive producer" on the screenplay of her husband’s failed novel, Meltdown, two years ago.
She has yet to drum up any interest in that project, despite a costly six-month campaign of dinners and lunches with alleged movie moguls in London, New York and Los Angeles. This was a morale-sapping blow to hubby Martin Horlick (ne Baker), a former personal finance reporter, who, I hear, was also fanning his eyes at the news that Panmacmillan would only publish his sequel if, like Meltdown, Nicola paid half the costs (she declined).


Relou said...

Hey, Slackbelly, being a snitch doesn't mean revelling in other people's misery. Or does it? Do you really find other people's well-meant failures amusing? Or are you just short of interesting gossip?

SlackBelly said...

Amusing? In this case, most definitely.