Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Who guards the Guardian's execs?

Anger and self righteous fury among staff at The Guardian (no, really).
But this time it seems they may have a point.
Several of the soon-to-be "outsourced" technical support staff were last weekend dispatched to the home of a senior Guardian executive to fix a faulty computer.
Already annoyed, imagine how they felt when they discovered a) it was the computer of one of the exec's children they were mending and b) the executive has seven (count 'em) personal computers with Guardian Media Group stickers on them, suggesting they have all been pilfered from the office.
It is not yet clear whether the techies loaded the broken computer with porn of the most dubious kind, but one can only hope so.
Which exec was it? I'm working on that...

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spooky said...

what I want to know is how many journalists at the Graun earn over £100k.