Monday, 18 January 2010

Joke job watch - part (oh, I've lost count)...

An early entrant for joke job of the week comes (as usual) from the Media Guardian, where the NHS is seeking a Communications Director for its Diabetes and Kidney Care unit (it's not enough for them to make people better, they also have to go on about it).
To land this post, you must have "qualifications in communications" (English O'Level? Or something more impressive such as a Media Studies degree?) and a "clear understanding of issues that impact and affect the health service" (such as the amount of cash it wastes on PR people, presumably).
Salary? Up to £79,031, an amount of money that is "subject to Agenda for Change evaluation". Presumably that means that if you are deemed to have pursued this agenda successfully, you'll get even more dosh.
Hours? 37.5 a week.
Thanking you.

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