Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Babs fails to reveal all

I see that some dolly bird called Barbara Stcherbatcheff, pictured, has revealed herself to be "City Girl".
For those people who passed an A-Level, City Girl is the pseudonym for some pisspoor columnist in the free rag, thelondonpaper, who used to drone on about about life in the Square Mile from the perspective of some clueless bint who could never keep her knickers on (I paraphrase, slightly).
So what is Stcherbatcheff's high-powered job that gives her this unique insight into the workings of the City?
Fund manager? Investment banker? Er, nope. She's just an intern! - filing news stories for the well known wealth management website, thewealthnet.com.
For some reason, this is not mentioned in the PR guff accompanying her first (and last) novel: Confessions of a City Girl. Space contraints, I expect.

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