Sunday, 5 July 2009


The Monetary Policy Committee may be considering expanding its quantitative easing programme on Thursday, but the decision doesn't seem to be taxing Mervyn King too heavily.
He's been spotted (on numerous occasions) by the BBC cameras at Wimbledon over the past fortnight - and is there again today, enjoying the men's final.
In fact he's sitting just behind Pistol Pete Sampras.

Update: Speaking of Sampras, how did the BBC allow Nike to broadcast such a blatant advert within its coverage following yesterday's Wimbledon final? The public service broadcaster managed to get itself duped into running a short film called Fifteen Love - filmed entirely in the style of a Nike commercial - to "celebrate" Roger Federer's 15th Major victory. The sports stars "congratulating" Federer? Er, John McEnroe, Tiger Woods, Pistol Pete and Serena Williams - all long-standing and high profile members of the Nike sales force. Solid work.

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