Friday, 13 March 2009

Will Will give up twittering for career in newspapers?

Has Daily Telegraph editor "Thirsty" Will Lewis given up on Twitter?
That's the latest internet fad where the under-employed reveal pointless facts about themselves over the worldwide interweb, but Will has barely been twittering at all this month, perhaps chosing to focus on - what is it again? - oh yes, a newspaper with 800,000 paying readers.
The last offerings from late February are that he was "on the way back from Paris" and "on the train to Lincoln" - while this month's sole entry reads: "Talking about twitter at a lunch party and showing people how it works".
This is fascinating stuff, and a vital contribution to the exciting new multi-media world, but lacks the sparkle of his earlier efforts.
My favourite: "Making porridge for the children".
Seriously, he's an inspiration.

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