Friday, 30 July 2010

Gross Gross

Does Bill Gross, managing director of investment management giant Pimco, suddenly fancy himself as a comic? The introduction to his monthly investment outlook is devoted exclusively to a monologue, in which he rues the demise of the manual flusher on public toilets (they still exist, Bill).

He writes: “I don’t know where it is located exactly, but there’s an electronic eye in the plumbing of public toilets these days that can sense when you get up and down and are finally finished with your ‘business’. My doctor says a proctology exam is a necessary evil but cameras in toilets? Never having seen myself from this particular angle, it is particularly embarrassing to turn over the assignment to a camera and in effect say, ‘Snap away – see anything that doesn’t look right?’.”

Hmm. Stick with the day job for a while yet, old boy.

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