Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Anyone want a "dodgy" gong?

I hear of a tasty little spat in the world of trade publishing.
CorpComms Magazine - which does pretty well what it says on the tin - launched its new digital awards ceremony in its last issue. Two days before going live with the project on April 1, the mag's competitor, Communicate, unveiled a rival digital awards ceremony, picking a closing date for entries one day ahead of CorpComms.
It could all be a coincidence, I suppose, although this is not how the corporate communications industry is viewing the crowded schedule. Potential sponsors tell me that this is Communicate's fourth attempt at an awards event - although only one has actually been held so far.
Meanwhile, they whisper that the CorpComm awards are called "the Digis", while the industry has suddenly dubbed the rival event "the Dodgies". Time for a PR makeover?

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