Friday, 11 December 2009

Chat blow for Rothschild

With the mysterious British Virgin Islands duo of Munto Finance and Qadbak looking to take an early bath from their Notts County "project" (see below), I wonder how the fallout is being viewed at the venerable institution that is Rothschild bank?
Qadbak - which supposedly funded Notts through Munto and once claimed to be buying the BMW Sauber Formula One team - has had to put up with nosey journalists questioning its financing for months. But at least it had the unquestioning support of Rothschild banker, Meyrick Cox, who acted as an adviser to BMW and was so confident in the group that he even chatted with journalists on the subject.
"So Meyrick," my email to the shrewd banker begins. "The Qadbak deal to buy the BMW Sauber team has collapsed. And now the Notts County takeover is unravelling. Many people saw it all coming. But not you! So, I wonder, do you still stick by your comments that Qadbak is a 'wholly reputable organisation'."
So far, no answer from Meyrick. Busy, I expect.

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